The Spanish Confederation of Yacht Clubs ( CEACNA ) makes a positive assessment of the issues and resolutions covered in the club Cartagena Saturday

CEACNA look at the immediate future , centered to lay the foundations of the second symposium yacht clubs nationwide, and plans to develop in the month of May 2014 among others

The Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena hosted last Saturday, November 9th Ordinary Meeting of CEACNA ( Spanish Confederation of Nautical Club ) to address various topics of special interest to the nautical sector , not only for the clubs, but also for nautical tourism after signing the agreement with Turespaña ( Tourism Institute of Spain ) .

 An act that was attended by José Jaubert , CEACNA president , accompanied by his manager , Manuel Vich ; Sufier Miguel , president of ABCN ( Balearic Association of Yacht Clubs ) , along with his manager , Rafael Palmer and vocal José Luis Arrom , Javier Ruiz de Cortázar , president of ASNAGUA (Association of Yacht Clubs of Galicia ), Carlos Torrado, ACNV manager ( Yacht Club Association of Valencia ) and vocal Jordi Carrasco ; Germán Soler , president of the Real Club Nautico of Torrevieja and Angel Morenilla representing the Association of Yacht Clubs and Marinas in the Region of Murcia.

 But the work day went further, and conclude that the same open-door meeting with the presidents of the yacht clubs belonging to the Association of Yacht Clubs in the Region of Murcia was developed, with the presence of Ricardo Escribano, manager of the Yacht Club Lo Pagán , José María Carreño , president of Club Nautico Los Nietos and Carmen Ros, manager Yacht Port Cartagena.

 The theme focused on several important points highlighting the agreement with Turespaña , proposed measures on nautical tourism and the role they can play to reach the yacht clubs or the issue that most concerned the clubs which is the VAT .

 First impressions of Jaubert , after the day's work , highlighting were very positive first, and referring to the path traveled by CEANAC that " born in 2007 with a joint project together after associations Canary , Balearic and Valencia . Gradually they have been adhering other associations representing different regions such as Galicia , Murcia and Andalusia recently , and feelings can not be more positive . "

 Jaubert I highlighted the efforts made by the yacht clubs in the current crisis , providing a " high note as they have resisted all these circumstances , which can say that is encouraging about the prospects we have," adding "We have some projects interesting future from the Spanish Confederation is to continue working to unify criteria , unify problems of the marine industry and especially yacht clubs and that is why we look to the future with optimism because we have overcome all these problems " explained " .

 One of the important , relevant for clubs and marine industry issues was and is the agreement with Turespaña . In that line Jaubert noted that " the agreement has been signed with the mark Spain is the result of hard work and an interest and common positions and hope that soon begins to bear fruit , providing information as Spain has with significant potential in the nautical tourism, and we have to raise awareness of the brand through Spain with various clubs and associations from the confederation itself. "

 In conclusion, Jaubert also made a brief balance on agreements and lines of work after the regular meeting . " First release in this warm welcome extended to us by the Cartagena family club which is now made up the Confederacy , which has been a recent addition as the Andalusian Association . Fits In this sense , we say that enough, with over 100 yacht clubs associated with more than 100,000 members , over 35,000 berths , potential users and nearly 250,000 members , therefore, will not be alone as any kind of problem that will have be there , "adding that " other lines that have worked is that you can lay the foundations of the second symposium yacht clubs nationwide , possibly being able to celebrate in the month of May. "

 Angel Morenilla representing the Association of Yacht Clubs and Marinas in the Region of Murcia and vocal Cruise Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena , meanwhile , stands at the end of the meeting that " the conclusions we have drawn in this day could not be more positive . 've played very important issues for yacht clubs and theme VAT law costs , modification of the law of ports open and have stopped working several fronts and I hope we have answers as soon as possible , "said .
 As for the leading role it has acquired the club , as host, Morenilla noted that " the role it played , and assumes the club in recent events and acts, is very important because we have had significant growth in nautical activities in child sail and cruise or kayak , for us it is a great pride and a strong commitment to represent , while the association of the Region of Murcia in CEACNA to move all our problems and concerns in the interests of all Murcia clubs, " he concluded.

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