Clubs are asked to press for a Deportivo Patronage Law


Clubs are asked to press for a Deportivo Patronage Law

The Spanish Yacht Clubs want a law that allows Sponsorship Sports sports promotion encourage and facilitate access to private sponsors impulse and was expressed at the last meeting held in Cartagena CEACNA .

The Real Club de Regatas de Cartagena hosted on 9 November, the Assembly of the Spanish Confederation of Yacht Clubs ( CEACNA ), in which the representatives of the Association of Yacht Clubs of Baleares ( ACNB ) Miguel Sufier ( President ), José Luis Arrom ( member of the board ) and Rafael Palmer and managers were also Vic Manuel , Javier Ruiz de Cortázar , president of ASNAGUA (Association of Yacht Clubs of Galicia ), Carlos Torrado, manager ACNV ( Association Nautical Club of Valencia) and vocal Jordi Carrasco ; Germán Soler , president of the Real Club Nautico of Torrevieja and Angel Morenilla representing the Association of Yacht Clubs and Marinas in the Region of Murcia.

Nautical , marine and racing clubs Spain agreed at this meeting request a meeting with the president of the State Ports to treat the next amendment of the Law on Ports, to continue betting on the recognition of sport organizations nonprofit as catalysts of nautical sports and tourism.

One of the main objectives of the Government CEACNA impulse is a Law of Sports Sponsorship or modification of existing legislation to allow sports promotion incentives . The clubs believe that this is the right way to provide access to private sponsors to organize sports events and, as stated by Miquel Sunyer , president ACNB , " directly generate wealth and spread the image of the municipalities as tourism destinations nautical " . The Patronage Act , he added, would also be beneficial to athletes, they would find it easier when getting business support.

The CEACNA continues the process of improving the management of clubs and this is driving the creation of a specific ISO standard nautical sports facilities .

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