Pilot book

Club Náutico Portosín


Landmarks: Montelouro (high mountain with two peaks to the north of the ria).

Approach: Coming from the south: Pass 3 M of Cape Corrubedo (FI(2W3R) 20s 30m 15mM) (R sect.347º-040º) until it is to the east. Then fix a course of 020º towards Punta Queixal (FI(2 1)12s25m9M) in line with Mount Louro (241 m) to avoid the shoals of Las Basoñas and La Balla. Leave the islets of Leixoes 1 M to the north and enter the estuary. Coming form the north: Head out to sea 5 M from Punta Insua (FI.3.W.R20s) to avoid the Los Meixidos and Los Bruyos shoal (a group of stones 3 M west of Punta Queixal). Leave Punta Barreiro and Punta Queixal 0.75 to the north to avoid the islets of Leixoes.

Access: navigate through the middle of the estuary about 6 M. From the mouth of the estuary, some 6 M away, you can see Quiebra island towards the northern part of the land (42º45%u2032.4 N-008º57%u2032.8W) FI.(2)7s5m8M and Portosín across from it towards the south. There is a 160 m canal between the northern point of the fishing pier (42º45%u2032.9 N-008º56%u2032.9W) FI(2)G.5s7m3M and the light of the dock to the east.

Hazards: Miñoteira shoal (FI(2 1)G.15s1M) should be avoided, especially at low tide.

Prevailing winds: In spring, N/NE. In Winter, SW/W.

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