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Real Club Náutico de La Coruña

The entrance to this ria is between Punta do Seixo Branco and Punta Herminio, which are 2.2 miles apart. Between these points is a shallow bay with about 3 miles of dirty coasts. It is open to the winds from the N and NW. Refuge can be found only in the port of A Coruña.


The reference point for recognising the ria is the Hércules lighthouse tower, visible from any approach. Almost in the middle of the entrance to A Coruña Ria, and closer to Punta Herminio are the Banco de las Yacentes sand Banks, between 0.5 and 1.5 miles from Punta Anterior and Basuril. One can asume that, given the prevaling wind conditions on this coast, it must nearly always provide it with shelter as the sea breaks on it. The Cape Prior-Hércules lighthouse tower marks the western boundary of this bank. The island of La Marola-Punta de La Toralla mark the northern boundary. The La Mula shoal, a Little over half a mile from Punta do Seixo breaks when Las Yacentes, do, with 16 m bottoms. It is to the east of the Prioriño Grande and Gabeira island leading line to the north Doniños beach.