Ferrolatlántica sponsors the fifth edition of O Mar na escola

Wednesday, 27 February 2013 12:09





    More than hundred and twenty students from schools and Manuela Rial Mouzo Cee Eugenio Lopez , Santa Eulalia de Dumbría , Sea Fóra Finisterre and Praia Quenxe Corcubión will participate in this recreational and educational initiative.
    The program , which also collaborate concellos Cee , Dumbría , Finisterre and Corcubión begins March 4 .

Corcubión , February 26, 2013 - . Sailing School Cataventos Corcubión presented this morning the " O Mar 2013 na Escola " , a project in which more than hundred and twenty students from colleges concellos Cee , Dumbría , Finisterre and Corcubión . The initiative, which begins on Monday, March 4 and will be held during the months of March, April and May, with the sponsorship of Ferroatlantica and collaboration of the four concellos .

The presentation , held in the clubhouse Maritime Carrumeiro Corcubión , Carlos came Oliete , director of factories and Cee Ferroatlantica Dumbría ; Zaira Rodriguez , Mayor of Cee ; Santiago Insua , Condejal of Sports Concello Finisterre ; Manuela Fernández , Council of Social Services Condello Corcubión ; Manuel Villaverde , President of the Galician Sailing Federation , Roberto García Head of Sport or Sport to Xeral Secretary , also attended by the principals and teachers of the participating schools and representatives of the School Cataventos Sailing and Yacht Club Vice Carrumeiro Antonio Dominguez, who detailed the benefits of this program for elementary students .

The school will receive theoretical and practical training on biodiversity of the seas and oceans , weather and theory of sailing and kayaking, all framed in the subject Coñecemento do mean . This project is a youth approach the sea and its environment through the sport . They may approach the medium in which they live, value and care of marine resources and environment of the river, close to the sport in general and

in particular sailing, and learn the basics of navigation, always in a playful mood and establishing the best relationship between student- monitor.

The first session was held in each of the schools, where technicians Cataventos School impart a lecture on digital media supported and practical exercises. Successive sessions will be held in the spring Corcubión and the Club Marítimo Carrumeiro .

In total are four to six sessions per group. The project ends in June with the presentation of certificates to each participant and a cartouche to the school in which the entire group appears .

The program, which is already developing for eleven years in Camariñas through its City Council and its yacht club on the initiative of teachers and sports coaches , Cee was implemented in five years ago with great success of acceptance.


Cee - Concello : Manuela Rial Mouzo College (28 students in 5th grade ) and Eugenio Lopez Ceip (26 students in the 3rd grade) .

- City Council of Dumbría : Ceip Santa Eulalia ( 25 students in 5th and 6th grade ) .

Finisterre - Concello : Ceip Fóra Sea (24 students in 5th grade) .

- Concello Corcubión : Ceip Quenxe Praia (21 students of 3rd and 4th grade) .

Support Ferroatlantica

This whole program is done with the support and sponsorship of Ferroatlantica that , under its Corporate Social Responsibility, continues to focus on sports and training of young people in the area through one of the most innovative educational projects the Costa da Morte.


Galicia, continued for the second consecutive year at the head of the Q quality Nautical sports facilities in Spain

Wednesday, 12 December 2012 12:26

Galicia, continued for the second consecutive year, the head of the Q quality Nautical sports facilities in Spain

2 New Yacht Clubs add to the " Q " Quality Tourism .


Nautical clubles of San Vicente do Mar and Boiro , have been awarded with the " Q " Quality Tourism sector of sport installations . The certificates of these two clubs , as six of last year are the result of an agreement signed between the Association of Yacht clubs ( ASNAUGA ) and Secretary for Tourism Xeral the Xunta de Galicia agreement.

These two clubs are in addition to the yacht clubs of Porto-Novo, Sada, Riveira , Ria de Ares and Real Club Nautico de Vigo , who were honored in the año2012 with " Q " Quality Tourism in the field of sport installations , renewing same for 2013 . The Yacht Club Ribadeo awaits the completion of the relevant paperwork to renew certification.

This encourages us to continue from ASNAUGA , working for our yacht clubs can have high quality and be a reference in Spain and Europe.

This standard of quality of service, a pioneer in the specific field of nautical sports facilities , yacht club or marina, a brand requirements needed to define the level of customer service, increasing the added value of the facility itself , but taking into account the importance of tourism for each municipality 's contribution , both economically and image , Nautical and Deportivo each space can do for your community of citizens to be recipients of a large number of visitors and tourists .

As the main axis of the standard, the requirements for determining that a nautical sports , attractive for tourism development , installation must necessarily provide water sports to its users, this requirement being the main differentiator to those ports only engaged facilities leasing and commercial surfaces mooring or boat parking and, consequently, are not of interest to tourism being only spaces and port facilities whose sole purpose is financial activity and therefore cease to be covered by this tour normalization.

Following the drafting of the standard, which began to be implemented in 2010 , now has 14 Nautical Sports Facilities certified , being located mostly in the Galician Community , largely the result of collaboration between public and private entities , and putting Galicia as the first autonomous region in number of certifications , ahead of others such as Valencian , Catalan , Andalusian or Balearic .


With the Laser Standard Galician title obtained last week by Mario Morillo

Thursday, 11 October 2012 11:41



Andrés Alvarez and Alfonso Optimist category Trastoy Cruise Solitaire obtained it and before summer

                                                   Aguete , Wednesday October 10, 2012

Last week he proclaimed to La Coruna Galicia champion Laser sailor from the Royal Standard Club de Mar Aguete , Mario Morillo, which added to the two individual Galician gimped also achieved in the first half by the sailors of this club also Andres Alvarez in the Optimist class and Alfonso Trastoy the complicated Cruise Solitaire mode, is a milestone in the history of the Club.

Three different in the three classes primarily practicing club , optimist , laser cruiser , come to show the good work of planning and effort that has been practiced in recent years this small but great marinense nautical society with one of the best schools in generations sailing certified in Galicia .



Wednesday, 15 August 2012 17:39


The General Secretariat for Tourism , Carmen Pardo , together with the territorial delegate of the Xunta de Galicia in Pontevedra, José Manuel Cores Tourís , and President of the Association of Club Nautic de Galicia , Francisco Javier Ruiz de Cortázar , presented today at the Club nautical Portonovo new tools to promote Gallegos Yacht Clubs Association ( ASNAUGA ) and participated in the act of hoisting the flag Q tourist quality of this nautical installation.

These new tools are implemented , thanks to the collaboration agreement signed between ASNAUGA and the General Secretariat for Tourism , to develop different activities related to information technology towards enhancing and promoting tourism in the Galician coast, and Specifically marinas and activities developed by the yacht clubs .

Thus, in this area , two applications were developed : one for digital information panels installation walk to harbor and app will download to useful information via smartphones.

web page

Moreover , as a result of the development of these applications, adapted its website this year - to - new systems of communication, updating it and making it more flexible and intuitive .

This work seeks to consolidate ASNAUGA an interactive nautical guide , based on new technologies that boaters and visitors can find out where the facilities are located and clubs and marinas and their services are in addition to the points of interest .

This is the first guide published in app format in Spain and Europe, both yacht clubs and their ports.

In his speech, congratulated Carmen Pardo ASNAUGA representative for this innovative initiative and these facilities in Galicia as a " good example of making " referred .

Flag " Q "

After this presentation , the Secretary for Tourism Xeral accompanied by Javier Ruiz de Cortazar, Jorge ASNAUGA Secretary Aran Echave , mayor of Boiro Presidents of the Yacht Clubs of Vigo , Cangas Rodeira , Raxó , San Vicente , Ares, Barraña , Sanxenxo, Rianxo , Sada, and representatives of the Monte Real Club de Baiona , and the president of the Galician Sailing Federation proceeded to hoist flag Q tourist quality since last June holds the Yacht Club Portonovo , along with five other such facilities scattered throughout the Galician coast .

Secretary General for Tourism said that the Galician Community is the leading nautical sports facilities certified under the brand " Q " for quality . In this sense, this distinctive property , the Nautical Club of Porto-Novo, the Ria de Ares Yacht Club , the Yacht Club Deportivo Ribeira , the Yacht Club de Sada ; Ribadeo Sailing Club Deportivo Club Nautico de Vigo and Real Club Nautico de Vigo.

Carmen Pardo also noted that of the 12 yacht clubs in Spain enjoying flag " Q " , six of these are Galicians.

Agreement Turgalicia

Finally , in his speech, the Secretary General for Tourism referred to the collaboration agreement signed between ASNAUGA Turgalicia and for the dissemination and promotion of the brand name " Q " for quality in the field of nautical sports facilities Galicia, through which the support of the voluntary implementation in Galician these facilities is possible.

Second Turgalicia this agreement provides technical and professional support for the implementation of this brand and includes certified facilities in its promotional brochure " Q " for quality .




Wednesday, 08 August 2012 11:04


Introducing the first guide to clubs and marinas in Spain for mobile phones
Asnauga present the first guide to clubs and marinas on August 13 in Porto-Novo, chaired by Carmen Pardo Xeral Secretary for Tourism of the Xunta de Galicia

Within the framework of collaboration between the Association of Yacht Clubs of Galicia and Xeral Secretariat for Tourism of the Xunta de Galicia was developed by the Galician company Dosmasdos , the first application that exists in Europe for Smartphone phones running iphone and android system , which collects all the information from each club and marina ASNAUGA .

This mobile application with android and iphone system , provides data on the phone, being very efficient at getting information from any of our clubs and marinas , and port services , course , tourist attractions tool plans, updated weather forecast for the zone , and the possibility of making a pre book a mooring place in real time.

In addition , a nautical guide that contains all the data Clubs and marinas ASNAUGA to install tactile information panels ( Totem) on the premises of each Club was also performed . Finally , and as a result, from the Association decided to adapt web applications to such ASNAUGA , modernizing , and allowing it to be much more intuitive .

So , on Monday, August 13 , at 11.00 hours at the Yacht Club Porto-Novo, proceed to the presentation of the three applications by the Secretariat for Tourism Xeral Doña Carmen Pardo


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