june - july 2014

What is it?

This project arises to commemorate, to some extent, St. Francis of Assisi journey to Santiago and the shipping of the apostle's remains to Compostela by sea. This cruise in company will be made up of two different routes: The Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The Atlantic starting port will be Ribadeo and the Mediterranean one will be the Italian city of Genève. Both routes' participants will met in the Ria de Arousa to finally visit Santiago de Compostela.

In order to complete the final stretch of the pilgrimage towards Santiago de Compostela, the crews will sail up the Ulla River on catamaran to reach the village of Padron. Once there, they will attend a mass of the pilgrims in the Cathedral.

This journey will take a minimum of 18 days and a maximum of 24 for those coming from Genève following the Mediterranean Route and between 5 and 8 for those sailing the Atlantic one.

Several boats between 8 and 30 meters long will be at the applicants' dispossal. The marinas visited will be awarded with quality certifications.



The beginning

In 2014 there will take place several celebrations to commemorate the pilgrimage of St. Francis of Assisi to Santiago de Compostela. This journey is considered a Franciscan Tradition included into the recompilation of the Saint's life and actions and summarized within the well known work "I Fioretti di San Francesco". Several and different aspects are important to understand St. Francis' relationship with the Way of Saint James: The Franciscan's special affection for Nature, their commitment towards the preach for peace and the renovation of society, all of them universal principles of Saint James' Route Pilgrimage.

The organization of this International Nautical Pilgrimage will join together these two universal values we previously alluded to: The Way's one and the Franciscans' one.



The main goal of this event is that of connecting nations and ports with the Way's tradition thought development and education while promoting navigation.

  • Becoming a positive experience by providing tools that help people to change and face the negative aspects of live.
  • It will defend up for social and cultural equality.
  • It will encourage participants to assume new challenges.
  • It will provide sailing knowledge.
  • It will defend the environmental protection together with the coastal culture and maritime heritage.
  • Finally, it will promote the Galician seashore as a tourist destination, together with its marinas, and The Way itself.


Mediterranean Route

This Route will consist of 14 stages to complete 1.542 nautical miles. The port of Genève will be the point of departure for this route to visit, right after, the cities of Toulon (France) and Palma de Mallorca. They will then stop in Torrevieja, Cartagena, Roquetas, Marbella and Cadiz in Spain and the ports of Portimao, Sines, Cascais, Figueira da Foz and Porto in Portugal. Finally, they will visit marinas awarded with quality certifications in Galicia Portonovo, Cabo de Cruz.

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Atlantic Route

The Atlantic point of departure will be the port of Ribadeo. Boats from Ireland, France and Great Britain will meet there before starting this cruise in company that will take them to Ortigueira, Ares, Camariñas, Portosin and Ria de Arousa. This will be a journey of approximately 210 nautical miles. As previous port of call for all vessels coming from the north and east of both Spain and Europe, may use the yacht Club San Balandrán in Avilés, it shall communicate to the registration form.

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There will be two ways to sign up

  • Signing up a boat
  • Signing up individually to become a member of the crews sailing the boats rent by the organization. 

There will be a maximum number of participants, both for boats and people, so reservation order will be the procedure followed to assign vacancies. Participants will have to accept the established clauses and rules of the Route. The journey will be partially or totally done according to the decission of each participant.




  • Date of Departure:  15TH of June, Port of Departure: GENEVE, ITALY, Approximate Date of Arrival : 10th and  12th of July


  • Date of Departure: 6th of July, Port of Departure: RIBADEO, SPAIN, Approximate Date of Arrival: 10th and 12th of July

A joint arrival will be organized. Changes will be carried out if necessary


What does the registration include?

  • The berths in the different ports of landfall established
  • Delivery of an assortment of food products to every ship inscribed
  • Additional Support for local boats
  • Additional support for those boats coming from a far country on their way back home
  • Organization of receptions and activities  in each port
  • Delivery of merchandising to the boats inscribed participants.
  • Subsistence and not spirits drinks in the boats freighted by ASNAUGA in navigation
  • A Nautical Passport will be given to be sealed in every port and two Certificates: The Compostela, offered by the Cathedral, and The Cotolaya, given by the Franciscan Order to those who have sailed a minimum of 90 nautical miles and ended the journey


Not Included

  • Transfer to departure ports
  • Meals on land

Boats and crews will take part in this rally at their own risk.




ASNAUGA C/Orense 11 Santiago de Compostela A Coruña Spain 15071

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